About Us

CastAwayDays.com began as a “sideline” for the site “Websaurus Research.” The collection of strictly boating and fishing related sites started in 2002 , by carefully evaluating and selecting sites from around the world.

In 2008, we decided that the URL “websaurus.com” did not suggest anything relating to boating and fishing. So, CastAwayDays.com was born, and all websaurus.com traffic was directed to it. If you already have a link to www.websaurus.com, please change it to CastAwayDays.com. If you already have a favorites entry, or bookmark, for websaurus.com, please change that as well.

Our objective at CastAway Days is to continue to grow and improve the directory, while adding fishing and boating articles, creating a social network for boating and fishing enthusiasts, and restarting the forum for discussion of specific areas of interest. Feel free to join, post, and interact with others in the boating and fishing community.

Perhaps most importantly, the directory is now searchable. For instance, if you are looking for marinas in Florida, you would enter marina Florida into the search box, and make sure that the coverage box is set to All. You will immediately get a list of those marinas in Florida. You can do the same with any other category. Bass Fishing in your state, snook, salmon, whatever.

Disclaimer: All trade names and product names are the intellectual property of their respective owners.