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Finding the "Sweet Spot" For Your Boat

Jerry Fox

Some folks believe that a transom bracket can help improve performance. Others feel that a jack plate is the right answer for improved performance generally as well as improved operation in shallow water.

What if you could have both?? Varying setbacks, no problem. Different vertical lift distances, no problem. Multiple outboards, no problem. 300hp motor(s), no problem. There is a proven answer to all those issues. And it is all in one device.

In a small shop in Edgewater, Florida is the Porta Products Corporation. Scott Porta, a former offshore racer, invented his hydraulic transom bracket several years ago, and has been selling it largely by word of mouth. As the uniqueness of the product became more widely recognized, he has supplied hundreds of brackets across the country to satisfied and amazed customers.

The hydraulic transom bracket comes in a number of models, which are selected by Scott in direct conversation with the buyer. Length and width of the boat, number and size of the ouboards, intended use, and much more will be covered in that conversation. But when it is over, Scott will recommend the precise hydraulic transom bracket for that application, its price, and its delivery date.

A boater can retain full control in water as shallow as the boat can handle. By adjusting the position of the prop with vertical placement controls, the ideal hole shot exit, and performance sweet spot can be determined.

Maximum control with optimal performance by the boat and the outboard(s). You can find out more at

How sweet is that?

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