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What’s biting offshore in Fort Lauderdale?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

We stared the trip out by catching a few live baits like speedos and hard tails so if we decided to go wreck fishing we had the right bait to produce fish. As we trolled north from 90 – 200 feet of water we caught several Bonita up to15 lbs. and a few kingfish up to 12 lbs. Brad and Chad wanted to try some different kinds of fishing so we went wreck fishing. Our first two spots we hit, one in 245 feet and the other in 168 feet, had no action. Therefore, we ran a little further north to a wreck in 300 ft of water and the other in 200 ft of water where we got some nice bites. Chad’s son was the first one up using a live Speedo, Brad’s son landed a 60lb. Warsaw grouper. After seeing that Chad’s 14-year-old son caught that, Brad said it is my turn so we made another drop. This time I could tell it was a different kind of fish so Brad had a little battle in front of him the whole time. Brad was fighting it and he was yelling and screaming, but he caught himself a nice Amberjack weighing in around 60 lbs. We were already late getting back to the dock if we were to pick up and leave our good fishing, but I really wanted to catch Chad a fish, so I told Paul, let’s try one last time. It was worth it. As soon as the bait hit the bottom, Chad was in the fighting chair battling with a big fish from the deep. Another big grouper! What a day, and a lucky group of guys!

Tight Lines!
Capt. David Ide
Lady Pamela 2

Special Alert: Fly Fishing Pyrenees Tour Open Space

Friday, July 8th, 2011


Do you imagine a fly fishing expedition crossing the entire Pyrenees Mountains discovering at the same time the most beautifull high mountain valleys?

Due to a cancellation you can take adventage now of 50% disccount of 1 open space

Where : Western and Eastern Pyrenees
Scenarios : streams, creeks and high mountain lakes ; medium reaches
Species : Brown, Zebra, Rainbown and Brook Trout
Lodging : Salvelinus Lodge, La Ribagorza Lodge, hotels, refugies and tend camps
When : From 1st to 10th August 2011
Check In : 31st July 2011
Conventional Price : 4900 Eur
Promotional Price 1 Open Space : 2450 Eur


Discover this season the best moment to target big Browns and Rainbows in some of the Pyrenees rivers guided to the hotest spots by our experienced guides.

Where : Eastern Pyrenees
Scenarios : medium and lower reaches
Species : Brown and Rainbown Trout
Lodging : La Ribagorza Lodge and ****hotels close to the fishing spots
When : 9-16 & 23-30 October and 6-13 November 2011
Price : 2600 Eur double occupancy

Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale June 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Check out Steven & his grandson’s Great Grey Hammerhead Shark they caught on June 19th, 2011 while Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale aboard the Lady Pamela fleet!
What’s biting offshore in Fort Lauderdale?

June 19th

On Sunday, Steven and his grandson came fishing aboard the Lady Pamela IV with John, Jose, Rick and Rob from 1-5PM. Steven was from Texas and had been deep sea fishing a few times before, but no luck with catching any big fish. We wanted to put Steven on the fish so we started the trip trolling two planers and four top baits. There was a lot of seaweed around and it is hard to troll when the conditions are like this. We started to catch some Bonita and had a few kingfish bites. I got tired of cleaning all the seaweed off the lines so we got the kites ready with some big shark bait rigs to switch things up. Steven and Jose helped reeling the trolling stuff in and we stopped in 150 feet of water right in front of Port Everglades and popped two kites up with live cigar minnows and threadfin herring that we caught in Miami a few days before. The wind was blowing south east at 15 MPH as we got the spread out. All of a sudden a little storm rolled in from the west and I had to position the boat around and head into the wind. We sat like this for 30 minutes before I reeled in the kites because the wind was up and down. We kept the big shark baits out, I told Dave, the mate, to get the snapper rigs ready, and we were going to catch our people some eating fish because the fishing was a little slow. While Dave was inside I saw our bobber go down and I gunned the boat ahead to set the hook. Dave came running out to see what was going on and I was telling everybody to reel in the other bait so they would not be tangled in the rod that we had the fish on. Steven jumped into the fighting chair, got all strapped in, and went to battle. I have been fishing for many years out here I have never seen so much line pull off the reel in one shot. We hooked the fish in 110 feet right off Fort Lauderdale beach and the fish ran to 650 feet of water. For one hour we never saw the fish, when we did in was a true sea monster. It was a 12 ½ foot Great Gray Hammerhead Shark. Steven was very tired and so was the shark. The shark was dead when we pulled it through the transom door into the boat. It took all six guys to do so and I threw my back out in the process. The fish weighed close to 750 lbs. It was awesome.

Tight Lines!

Capt. David Ide


Lady Pamela II Ultimate Fighting Chair
Lady Pamela Fishing Fleet

Our fleet of fine sportfishing vessels has expenaded. We currently have the following boats running out of beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, catering to all of your fishing needs:

Lady Pamela I- air conditioned, fully equipped 41′ Hatteras. Limit 6 people.

Lady Pamela II- a sistership to Lady Pamela with South Florida’s ONLY Articulating Fighting Chair Suspended over water!

Lady Pamela III- This is an exciting option for our drift fishermen. A Coast Guard documented 43′ Stapelton that roams the reefs. Limit 22 people.

Lady Pamela IV- This is our Flagship…a stunning 46′ Hatteras, fully equipped with top of the line gear, fully air conditioned, and extremenly comfortable.

Lady Pamela V- a true speedster, built to get out to the furthest fishing grounds…FAST! This gorgeous 36′ Invicible with over over 900 HP flies!

Lady Pamela I

Lady Pamela III

Summer Redfish catching/MosquitoLagoon/Daytona/Orlando/Florida

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Water levels have finally started to rise here on Mosquito Lagoon as our long awaited summer rainy season has arrived with regular afternoon rains. Most mornings have beautiful calm conditions with a little coolness in the air for the first couple of hours after the rain the evening before. The higher water on the flats will open up much more fishable water for me as grassy shallows which have only had a few inches of water over them the last few months now are deep enough for the Redfish and also us in my boat to be on the prowl hunting our prey. Also these newly flooded areas are flush with Redfish food because they have been to shallow for the fish to graze on for so long now allowing for many baby crabs, shrimp, and marine invertebrates to grow un harvested by the Reds. The last couple of weeks since my last report have seen many good trips with Reds on the flats by targeting the large mullet schools which gather in shallow water to avoid the Dolphins and larger predators of deeper water. Also when available, fishing live Pigfish baits for Seatrout on the drop offs, edges, and holes. My Indian River Backcountry mixed bag trips have been loads of fun with lots of action from Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish, and sometimes a couple of Black Drum, Flounder, Reds, and more with 10 or more species of saltwater fish on most backcountry trips. As we are out having fun catching fish we will be seeing lots of wildlife up close and personal near the boat with Dolphins, Manatees, and many types of water birds on every trip. Here are some pictures of clients from the last couple weeks trips with some beautiful Redfish and Seatrout caught here with me on Mosquito Lagoon and Backcountry.

Located close to DAYTONA BEACH, NEW SMYRNA BEACH and ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have about my fishing charters. Call me anytime at 386-689-3781.
Capt. Michael Savedow
Edgewater River Guide, Inc.