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What’s biting offshore in Fort Lauderdale?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

We stared the trip out by catching a few live baits like speedos and hard tails so if we decided to go wreck fishing we had the right bait to produce fish. As we trolled north from 90 – 200 feet of water we caught several Bonita up to15 lbs. and a few kingfish up to 12 lbs. Brad and Chad wanted to try some different kinds of fishing so we went wreck fishing. Our first two spots we hit, one in 245 feet and the other in 168 feet, had no action. Therefore, we ran a little further north to a wreck in 300 ft of water and the other in 200 ft of water where we got some nice bites. Chad’s son was the first one up using a live Speedo, Brad’s son landed a 60lb. Warsaw grouper. After seeing that Chad’s 14-year-old son caught that, Brad said it is my turn so we made another drop. This time I could tell it was a different kind of fish so Brad had a little battle in front of him the whole time. Brad was fighting it and he was yelling and screaming, but he caught himself a nice Amberjack weighing in around 60 lbs. We were already late getting back to the dock if we were to pick up and leave our good fishing, but I really wanted to catch Chad a fish, so I told Paul, let’s try one last time. It was worth it. As soon as the bait hit the bottom, Chad was in the fighting chair battling with a big fish from the deep. Another big grouper! What a day, and a lucky group of guys!

Tight Lines!
Capt. David Ide
Lady Pamela 2

Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale June 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Check out Steven & his grandson’s Great Grey Hammerhead Shark they caught on June 19th, 2011 while Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale aboard the Lady Pamela fleet!
What’s biting offshore in Fort Lauderdale?

June 19th

On Sunday, Steven and his grandson came fishing aboard the Lady Pamela IV with John, Jose, Rick and Rob from 1-5PM. Steven was from Texas and had been deep sea fishing a few times before, but no luck with catching any big fish. We wanted to put Steven on the fish so we started the trip trolling two planers and four top baits. There was a lot of seaweed around and it is hard to troll when the conditions are like this. We started to catch some Bonita and had a few kingfish bites. I got tired of cleaning all the seaweed off the lines so we got the kites ready with some big shark bait rigs to switch things up. Steven and Jose helped reeling the trolling stuff in and we stopped in 150 feet of water right in front of Port Everglades and popped two kites up with live cigar minnows and threadfin herring that we caught in Miami a few days before. The wind was blowing south east at 15 MPH as we got the spread out. All of a sudden a little storm rolled in from the west and I had to position the boat around and head into the wind. We sat like this for 30 minutes before I reeled in the kites because the wind was up and down. We kept the big shark baits out, I told Dave, the mate, to get the snapper rigs ready, and we were going to catch our people some eating fish because the fishing was a little slow. While Dave was inside I saw our bobber go down and I gunned the boat ahead to set the hook. Dave came running out to see what was going on and I was telling everybody to reel in the other bait so they would not be tangled in the rod that we had the fish on. Steven jumped into the fighting chair, got all strapped in, and went to battle. I have been fishing for many years out here I have never seen so much line pull off the reel in one shot. We hooked the fish in 110 feet right off Fort Lauderdale beach and the fish ran to 650 feet of water. For one hour we never saw the fish, when we did in was a true sea monster. It was a 12 ½ foot Great Gray Hammerhead Shark. Steven was very tired and so was the shark. The shark was dead when we pulled it through the transom door into the boat. It took all six guys to do so and I threw my back out in the process. The fish weighed close to 750 lbs. It was awesome.

Tight Lines!

Capt. David Ide


Lady Pamela II Ultimate Fighting Chair
Lady Pamela Fishing Fleet

Our fleet of fine sportfishing vessels has expenaded. We currently have the following boats running out of beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, catering to all of your fishing needs:

Lady Pamela I- air conditioned, fully equipped 41′ Hatteras. Limit 6 people.

Lady Pamela II- a sistership to Lady Pamela with South Florida’s ONLY Articulating Fighting Chair Suspended over water!

Lady Pamela III- This is an exciting option for our drift fishermen. A Coast Guard documented 43′ Stapelton that roams the reefs. Limit 22 people.

Lady Pamela IV- This is our Flagship…a stunning 46′ Hatteras, fully equipped with top of the line gear, fully air conditioned, and extremenly comfortable.

Lady Pamela V- a true speedster, built to get out to the furthest fishing grounds…FAST! This gorgeous 36′ Invicible with over over 900 HP flies!

Lady Pamela I

Lady Pamela III

Lady Pamela II Sportfishing Newsletter

Monday, June 27th, 2011

June 17What's biting?60 lb Mahi - Mahi

Today we had to run to Miami in the afternoon around 3pm because we had a fishing tournament on Friday morning so our three boats the Lady Pamela 1, 3 and 4 along with two other fort Lauderdale charter boats headed down that afternoon on the way down we all stop an caught lie bait like cigar minnows and threadfin herrings with some small blue runners mixed in there. Once catching all this live bait we headed to Stiltsville which are houses in the middle of Biscayne Bay five miles from the mainland and tied the boat up and cooked a nice dinner.

June 18

This morning we all woke up around six and got the boats running and ran 6 miles to dinner key marina where there were 30 charter boats all pulling in at the same time to pick up our clients. It was a little busy trying to find our people because everybody was schedule to a pacific boat once getting all this started out we were off to the races. We ran out of fisherman’s channel and started fishing as soon as we got to a 100 feet of water. We were fishing six lines with fresh Bonita strips and sea witches. The Bonita’s were solid we must have caught 25 Bonita that day trolling an a few short king mackerels that we had to throw back. Then around 1 PM we had a nice bite on the long right rigger bait the line was scream in off the reel the girl Sam jump into the fighting chair and reeled in a 40 lb. wahoo a reel nice fish. The wind was out of the south east at 5 mph an fishing was a little slow for the fish we want to catch so we decided to go into the shallows witch are 15 to 30 feet an get up into the tower of the boat that is 30 feet above the water an look for cobias because they counted in the tournament. It’s a little late for them to be in there this time of year but it was worth a shot it wasn’t a hour and we saw a 50 lb. cobia but we lost him in the grass flat and when we were trying to find the cobia we saw a sailfish in the sand so we threw every type of live bait we could sardine, threadfin, ballyhoo, pilchard, goggleye, the fish would not eat we started to pick up an run to make the weight in and my friend Wally saw another sailfish 100 yards off my bow we caught get there before him he hooked the fish an caught him it is cool to see the sailfish in that shallow water like that.

Tight Lines,

Capt. David Ide

Lady Pamela 2 Sportfishing Charters

954 761 8045

Fishing Fleet

Our fleet of fine sportfishing vessels has expenaded. We currently have the following boats running out of beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, catering to all of your fishing needs:

Lady Pamela I- air conditioned, fully equipped 41′ Hatteras. Limit 6 people.

Lady Pamela II- a sistership to Lady Pamela !

Lady Pamela III- This is an exciting option for our drift fishermen. A Coast Guard documented 43′ Stapelton that roams the reefs. Limit 22 people.

Lady Pamela IV- This is our Flagship…a stunning 46′ Hatteras, fully equipped with top of the line gear, fully air conditioned, and extremenly comfortable.

Lady Pamela V- a true speedster, built to get out to the furthest fishing grounds…FAST! This gorgeous 36′ Invicible with over over 900 HP flies!

Huge Hammer Head
Lady Pamela 2 Hammerhead
30lb Wahoo off Fort Lauderdale

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the fishing excursions we offer. We can be reached at 954-761-8045

Captain David Ide & Crew

Lady Pamela II Sportfishing Charters

888-761-8045 toll free

Fly Fishing Along Florida’s Space Coast

Monday, May 16th, 2011

By Capt. John Kumiski

Have you ever cast to 36 inches of fish in 12 inches of water?

Florida’s Indian River Lagoon system stretches for 156 miles along the Atlantic coast, but the section I call home lies all around the Kennedy Space Center- the Mosquito Lagoon to the north, the Indian River Lagoon to the west, and the Banana River Lagoon to the south. Largely surrounded by undeveloped Federal lands (the Space Center, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and Canaveral National Seashore), the area supports a wide variety of wildlife and an abundant population of saltwater fish.

The lagoon offers a diverse array of fishes, but the principal species flycasters target include spotted seatrout and redfish year round, and snook, tarpon, and crevalle jacks during the summer months (May through October). Due to the landlocked nature of the lagoon here (we have no tides to speak of) the redfish are lifelong residents. Although our average redfish weigh between five to ten pounds, they frequently reach weights of 30 pounds or more. This is the only place in the world where you can find giant redfish like these on shallow flats, so we have the finest sightfishing for giant redfish on the planet. Imagine 36 inches of redfish in 12 inches of water!

The seatrout are more modest size-wise, with the average fish running somewhere between 14 and 20 inches in length. However, they frequently get to be over five pounds, and a few 30 inch fish are caught every spring.

The water clarity is usually outstanding, offering excellent sight fishing opportunities. While most anglers fish from flats skiffs, hand powered boats like canoes and kayaks are a viable method of approaching the problem, too. Inside the Wildlife Refuge, dirt roads run along the banks of the Indian River Lagoon and the Mosquito Lagoon, giving wading anglers good shots at fish during the cooler months. Sometimes you can see them tailing from your vehicle!

Most anglers use eight weight tackle, but if you cast well a six weight is usually plenty. Since you’re almost always fishing in knee deep water or less, floating lines perform best. My own leader preference for reds and trout is a 10 to 12 foot leader with a 12 or 15 pound fluorocarbon tippet. For snook and tarpon a heavier bite tippet is necessary.

Although they are fish and so can get moody, neither redfish nor seatrout are normally terribly fussy eaters. Both species usually feed opportunistically on a variety of baitfish, shrimp, and in the case of the redfish, crabs. Consequently, flies that imitate these preferred foods usually work well.

Flies should range in size from #4 to about 1/0, and should be carried in a variety of versions, from unweighted to weighted with 1/36 ounce lead eyes. Weedguards on some flies are an absolute necessity. Favorite patterns include Clouser minnows, Seaducers, bunny strip flies, Borski sliders, Merkins, bendbacks, Dupre spoonflies, and other popular saltwater patterns. I would be remiss if I failed to suggest carrying some poppers and sliders. Seatrout in particular are often suckers for a well placed surface fly, and the strikes are frequently spectacular!

When sighting conditions are poor an attractor pattern like a popper or a spoonfly is a good choice for blind casting. While this is my least favorite way to fish, if you can’t see it’s your only option. Make long casts and cover as much water as you can with your offering. If the fish are concentrated in an area this can work quite well.

The preferred method involves moving slowly (whether in a boat or on foot) looking for fish to which you can cast. While you may find a good number of seatrout in one area, they tend to not be schooled up, especially the larger ones. The redfish could be in any kind of numbers arrangement, from singles to schools with hundreds of fish.

Neither of these fish is particularly aggressive most of the time, so accurate casting is a must. Try to anticipate where the fish is going and put your fly there, allowing the fish to encounter it. If you hit the fish on the head, or draw the fly to it, it will usually spook. How you present the fly is usually very important.

Try to do your fishing during the week. The Mosquito Lagoon in particular is a popular fishing destination for local anglers and it gets busy on weekends.

Titusville is a popular place to stay for anglers fishing this area. The Fly Fisherman (321.267.0348) can supply any tackle needs you may have, as well as offer good advice.

The Indian River Lagoon offers an outstanding four season fishery. Any angler who enjoys the challenge of sight fishing for big redfish should give it a try.

Capt. John Kumiski (407.977.5207, has been guiding fly fishers in this area for over 20 years. His latest book is titled Redfish on the Fly.

Hot Trout Bite on Mosquito Lagoon This Week

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Hot Trout Bite on Mosquito Lagoon This Week

The Report from Spotted Tail 5/14/11

Upcoming Events-
-Space shuttle Endeavour’s launch, Monday, May 16, 8:56 a.m.
-On May 21, Fly Fishing for West Coast Tarpon seminar at Mosquito
Creek Outdoors, starting at 10 AM. Tom Van Horn will also be giving a
tarpon seminar aimed at east coast fish.

On Monday I finally got onto the Atlantic, accompanied by Scott
Radloff. Our goal was to find some bait, then search for tarpon first
and giant crevalle second.
We found bait, both mullet and menhaden, near and past
Cape Canaveral. While we were fishing around the mullet we noticed a
very dark spot moving north off the beach. It turned out to be a
school of crevalle, not giants but rather fish of about five pounds.
There were thousands of them.
We chased them up the beach for several miles. We didn’t
count but we caught a lot on DOA CAL jigs.
When we finally gave up on them we fished around the
menhaden schools they had led us to. The bluefish were thick, but
there was not much else. We saw one shark and three or four barracuda,
nothing more. All we caught were blues.
It turned out to be a 50 or 60 fish day, but nothing
spectacular in the way of size. Still, it was beautiful out and even
the smaller fish were quite entertaining.

On Tuesday I was back in Mosquito Lagoon, joined by fly fishing
Canadians Mark and Cody Zimmer. We found loads of big redfish tailing.
They would not take any of the flies we tried. We had a bright moment
when Mark cast a crab fly into a small school of big tailers and his
line came tight. The fish he caught was a red of maybe 16 inches. In
the middle of all those big ones, too!
Cody wanted a fish bad so the last 30 minutes we chunked
with mullet. He got a four pound and a six pound trout, then a red of
about 15 pounds.
Again, it was a beautiful day and tons of big fish were
spotted, but it was frustrating not being able to convince them to eat

Wednesday Steve Kas and Jim Trub came up from Boca Raton, bringing
Steve’s Archer Craft. I joined them and we went looking for all the
fish I’d seen the previous day. They flat out disappeared. We looked
from Pelican Island to Georges Bar and saw one redfish all day.
On the bright side the trout bite was pretty strong. We
got a couple dozen to about 20 inches by casting jigs around the
outside of several different bars.
Still, they wanted redfish. It was maddening not being
able to find any after seeing so many the previous day. Ya shoulda
been here yesterday!

Spotted Tail was on the Mosquito Lagoon again on Thursday, joined by
Karl Dienst and his friend Brad. Tossing DOA Shrimp and CAL jigs we
got a lot of trout, ranging from eight inches to almost 20.There were
a lot of ladyfish around, too. We concentrated on trout fishing most
of the day. With about an hour to go we went looking for reds. We
found a few slot fish and Brad got two on ladyfish chunks.

On Friday Jim Shwartzentruber and his friend George, fly casters from
Utah, joined me hoping to bag a big red or two. It was not to be. We
searched all day, me poling and them blind casting with a black bunny
fly, and saw maybe a dozen reds. Once the wind started cranking the
fishing got very tough too. They did get three or four decent
seatrout, but again, those were not the target.

I hope the reds start cranking again like they did on Tuesday. I have
every day this coming week booked up.

Embrace simplicity.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- go fishing!

John Kumiski

All content in this blog, including writing and photos, copyright John
Kumiski 2011. All rights are reserved.

Fishing in Fort Lauderdale; Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish & MORE!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report

Lady Pamela II Sport Fishing Charters


March 11th, 2011

Today was a full day of fishing for the Lady Pamela II Fishing Fleet. Aboard the Lady Pamela IV with Captain Paul and me, we had two trips. Our morning trip was a group of doctors from Minnesota. Conditions for Sailfish Fishing were perfect. Once we hit open water, we sat right out in front of Port Everglades and began live bait kite fishing. Within the first hour of fishing, Mike hooked up with a non-cooperative Sailfish that released itself just 25 ft from the boat. It was a bummer losing the Sailfish so close, but the group did get to see the Sailfish in action, jumping all over the ocean. The north wind and south current told us it was time to stop at the shipwrecks and see “who was home”, so to speak. Bait was extremely difficult to catch, although we boated a single bait fish. The baitfish wasn’t in the boat for long. We dropped it down and ended the day with a 25 lb Barracuda while fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Things were starting to look up for the afternoon trip. Mark and Megan from Dallas joined Donnie from Tennessee with Captain Paul and me. We ran south to Dania pier, set the Shark fishing, and Sail fishing spread out in 110 ft of water. The Lady Pamela I was also looking for the bite live bait kite fishing. Thirty minutes into kite fishing, I got a call from a fishing friend with great news. We packed up and headed offshore to 700 ft of deep blue water and a rippin north current. I called the Lady Pamela I and they weren’t too far behind us. Within just 20 minutes into live bait kite fishing in deeper water, Donnie hooked a nice size Sailfish and fought him all the way to the boat. Tag and release was expertly performed and we went on our way after a few high fives. The Lady Pamela I went 2 for 2 on the Sailfish bite and spotted 3 more fish free jumping. The Mahi – Mahi showed their faces with the Sailfish as well. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale was a great this afternoon.

March 12th, 2011

Travis, Mike, John and a few others came fishing aboard the Lady Pamela IV early this morning. The past few days of fishing have been great, with a very nice edge in 750 ft of water. I explained what was happening offshore and the gang decided to buy a dozen goggle eyes for live bait kite fishing. Within 30 minutes of fishing offshore, we caught a 10 lb Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) on the kite bait. New bait went out and another Mahi-Mahi ate. Two hours before the trip was over, we hooked a double header Mahi-Mahi. After 15 minutes, Travis’ Dolphin was in the fish box while Mike’s Mahi-Mahi was still fighting. Fourty-five minutes later, Mike’s 35 lb Dolphin was gaffed and inside of the cockpit. It wasn’t long before the feisty Dolphin jumped OUT of the cockpit and back into the blue. On the way back inshore I was riding in the tower and spotted a Leather Back Turtle with a school of Cobia. JACKPOT! I quickly spun the boat around and we pitched live goggle eyes into the crowd. A double header was on the line in no time. We called it a day with 6 chunky Cobia.

Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is fantastic right now – don’t get left onshore, call today 954-761-8045

Mark & Megan’s Sailfish
March 11th, 2011
Mahi – Mahi fish
March 12th, 2011

Mahi – Mahi fish
March 12th, 2011
Mahi – Mahi & Cobia
March 12th, 2011
Mahi – Mahi & Cobia
March 12th, 2011
Tight Lines!

Captain David Ide


Fort Lauderdale Swordfishing

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Lady Pamela II Sportfishing Charters


February 4th, 2011

Scott, Bobby, Daren and I went nighttime Swordfishing aboard the Lady Pamela IV on Friday night. Scott and Bobby are in South Florida from Panama on a business trip for a Viking Yacht Preview Show. Scott said in Panama, the squids eat your bait before a Swordfish could even have a chance; Scott decided he’d try his luck in Fort Lauderdale. We left the dock at 6:30 PM and made it to our destination around 8 PM. For bait, we used live bluerunners and dead squid. It wasn’t long before our 100 ft tip rod (which was under the light) bait was getting whacked. The live bluerunner was getting hit hard, but the fish never hooked itself. I reeled it up and the bait was gone. I added fresh bait and dropped it back down. Five minutes didn’t pass before we were hooked up with a nice size Swordfish. Bobby began the fight on the 130 penn, before the hooks pulled. We made a move to the south, set up for round two and Darin came tight on our second bait. Bobby reeled in a 73″ Pumpkin Swordfish, weighing in at 180 lb’s. (Pumpkin meaning the meat is orange…and tasty!)

Saturday Night Swordfishing Trip aboard the Lady Pamela III ONLY $175 per person!

Tight Lines!

Captain David Ide & Crew

Florida Winter Seatrout/MosquitoLagoon/Daytona/Orlando

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

The Seatrout fishing has been great this January 2011 on Mosquito Lagoon. We have been targeting the deeper holes and sloughs with Gulp shrimp jigs and live shrimp fished right on the bottom in the cold 50’ F water conditions. On most trips the last couple weeks the fish count has been from 40 to 75 fish, mostly Trout, also a good numbers of fun small size baby Redfish, with a few Flounder and Black Drum thrown in the mix. Most trips have had several or more keeper Trout with many smaller trout also in the count. Lots of fun fishing on light spin tackle and mostly artificial lure fishing. On the low wind days we are also targeting the shallow flats Redfish schools, a fun but challenging sight fishing tactic for better size Redfish.
Here are a couple of pictures of clients with the winter Seatrout we have been catching this month.
As Florida spring time arrives and the water begins to warm up a little, we will also start to do backcountry mixed bag fishing trips again for Seatrout, and Redfish, but also catching Bluefish, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Jacks, Ladyfish, and more species. You never know what type of saltwater fish you will pull up. This style of fishing on the mixed bag trips is mainly drift fishing and bottom fishing while free lining live shrimp and Gulp shrimp on light tackle which make for lots of rod bending fun. Good for experienced anglers and an easy way for less experienced anglers to be successful at catching lots of fish.
Located close to DAYTONA BEACH, NEW SMYRNA BEACH and ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have about my fishing charters.
Capt. Michael Savedow
Edgewater River Guide, Inc.

Winter Redfish/Daytona/NewSmyrna/MosquitoLagoon/Florida

Monday, December 27th, 2010

December 2010 has brought early winter conditions to East Central Florida with several below freezing nights and very cold water temperatures before the first day of winter. I am pictured with a frosty morning Redfish taken on a scouting trip right after the cold spell began. After the Reds and Trout got used to the cold water temps down in the high 40’s and low 50’s on the cold mornings, our early winter pattern of schooled up fish in the sand sloughs and pockets began to be the go to fishing style. On the beautiful sunny post cold front days we are also finding larger sized Redfish schooled up on the shallow flats looking for some warmer water in the sunshine. Lately I have had several charter trips with catches of 50 to 100 plus fish, mixed Redfish, Trout, and a few Flounder mainly from the sand sloughs. Most of the Reds have been “fun to catch on light tackle”, smaller fish around 15” to 20”, but many of the Trout have been quality fish up to 17” to 20”, with lots of smaller sized mixed in also. These numbers of fish are exceptional for fun catch and release fishing, but the Seatrout season will reopen after New Years Day so we can start to keep some for dinner again. The trip catch numbers of fish will begin to be lower at some point through the winter as the big totals as of late are the exception not the rule. But fun fishing will continue here on Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River. The other picture is client Steve from Connecticut with a beautiful 14 spot Redfish.

Come fish with me on beautiful Mosquito Lagoon for flats fishing, we will target Redfish and Seatrout. This type of sight fishing can be challenging and very rewarding when you hook up with a drag pulling Redfish,or Trout. Good for experienced anglers or the less experienced anglers looking for a new fishing challenge. Or you could try one of my Indian River Backcountry Fishing trips, on WINTER mixed bag fishing trips we catch mainly Seatrout, Redfish, Bluefish, Sheepshead, & Black Drum, the style of fishing on the mixed trips is mainly drift fishing and bottom fishing while free lining live shrimp on light tackle which make for lots of rod bending. Fun for experienced anglers and an easy way for less experienced anglers to be successful at catching lots of fish. Lots more different species of fish return to our area in the springtime.
Located close to DAYTONA BEACH, NEW SMYRNA BEACH and ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have about my fishing charters.
Capt. Michael Savedow
Edgewater River Guide, Inc.

BIG Wahoo fish caught aboard the Lady Pamela with Captain Justin & Rusty

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

“Heres the fight of Sandi’s Life  – See what your having for dinner tonight….”

Sending you pics from our recent fishing trip with you on the Lady Pamela.  We had a great time and a hard won fight which I never could of done without the help of a well trained crew. Thank you for a great day of fishing and one of the biggest I ever caught.

Sandi and Bob B.

Sailfish Fishing in Palm Beach aboard the Lady Pamela fleet

December 13th & 14th, 2010

Sailfish Fishing in Palm Beach

I have spent the past two days sailfish fishing with a few of my repeat customers in Palm Beach on our 31′ Yellowfin Center Console. Goggle eyes, threadfins and pilchards were readily available for us both Monday and today. Yesterday (Monday), we ran to Lake Worth pier and set 6 baits and 2 flat lines. Within the first 30 minutes, Drew caught Sailfish #1 in 130 ft of water. We moved to 150 ft of water and waited for an hour before we saw a “flopper” (jumping Sailfish) in 300 ft of water. We quickly picked up and ran to where I thought they might be and before we could blink, Drew, Matt, Brian and Brandon were all hooked up. Four Sailfish on at once is exciting. After we caught all four Sailfish, we set back up and lost one before calling it a day.

Monday = 5 Sailfish

Tuesday morning was brutally cold; 37 degrees with a wind chill of 25 and steam coming off the water surface. Our fishing spot yesterday produced so we went back to the pier and set up in 130 ft of water. We missed a sailfish right away and within 45 minutes we hooked a triple header. Drew’s sailfish pulled the hook and fell off immediately. Matt and I fought ’til the end and caught both fish. We ran in to shallower water and set up in 110 ft.  Matt pitched a spinner rod and hooked a sailfish right away. Matt caught his fish and the rest of our spread went out. Twenty minutes later, Matt jumped off another sailfish and we called it a day catching 4 sailfish out of 8 bites.

Tuesday = 4 Sailfish

Sport Fishing Gift Certificates make for great gifts during the holiday season
(any denomination available)

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide & Crew

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2301 SE 17th Street
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