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Panama Fishing Report

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Captain Robbie Navarro, Panama Fishing Experts

The Republic of Panama lives two weather seasons in a year: the dry season or summer which comprehends the months of January through March and the rainy season, so called “winter”, that extends through the rest of the year.

During the rainy season (months of April thru December), water temperature stays around 85º F. For dry season or summer, January to March, a strong North breeze blows approximately 12 knots and it is during this time of the year where water temperature drops close to 70ºF. Sardine begins life cycle and travels in great schools around the borders causing fish to enter the coast to feed itself.

Pacific Ocean:

In the area within the Bay of Panama bordering the city, large amounts of red snappers, sea bass, snooks, groupers, pompanos, jacks, barracudas, mackerel and catfish can be easily caught. This is also high season for fishing different species at the world famous Piñas Bay, namely black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna, snappers, groupers and others.

Pearl Islands are recognized for the generosity of red snappers, sea bass and groupers at this time of the year. During the past weekend of February 15-16, fishing around the islands of Pedro and Pablo, lots of bird action and school of sardines accompanied the trip where we delightfully caught large amounts of red snapper, groupers and sea bass among which a 42 pound was obtained jigging with silver shine 1.5 ounces jigs.

Fishermen town of Pedasi located in the Azuero Peninsula, where fishing in cold waters at this time of the year is excellent, offers great amounts of tuna. Further down, the Island of Coiba and specifically the Hannibal Bank, worldwide recognized as one of the best fishing spots in the world, practicing vertical jigging makes possible to capture species like cubera snapper, amberjack and grouper and, if lucky, a world record marlin or tuna.

Atlantic Ocean:

Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean is also very productive. Nevertheless, at this time of the year strong North winds can make it difficult due to rough waters.

For those preferring fresh water fishing, a day spent in Lake Gatun, once the largest manmade lake in the world, allows you to enjoy catching around 100 peacock bass or snooks and tarpoons. Lots of fun!

On behalf of Captain Robbie Navarro and the of staff Panama Fishing Experts, we highly recommend fishermen from the international community to visit the coasts of Panama year round with the assurance you will enjoy good fishing, especially during January thru March when water temperature drops and fish gets closer to the coasts and islands. We will be pleased to continue sending fishing reports of our country. In the meantime, see you out there!

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