Mosquito Lagoon Dec – 1, 2008

The fishing over the past couple of weeks has turned out to be great. I am seeing quite a few fish all over the Mosquito Lagoon…No particular places, just shallow waters mostly. The fish are cruising banks as the sun comes up to warm themselves and I have been throwing shrimp and cut mullet at them. As always use stealth and a mixture of patience is required.

Trout, and I mean big trout are seen roaming the flats. I was able to have a client the other day sight fish a nice 30 plus inch trout 10 feet from the boat with a shrimp in an open sand hole. The trout are very spooky so use extreme stealth with these fish. Do not get upset if you sneak up on one and are not able to land it before they see you…Theu did not get that old by being caught.

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