Mosquito Lagoon – Nov 8, 2008

The past few days have proven to be exceptionally great days for getting out on the water to catch some fish. The weather patterns have been holding steady and the fish are beginning to show signs of winter patterns.

Slowly I am seeing more and more schools of redfish. Some of theses schools on the Mosquito Lagoon are between 1-25 fish and I have seen others up to 40-50 fish. Most of them are the smaller reds but with seeing this this tells me more are to arrive soon and this is to become the normal thing for the next several months.

Approaching redfish and (ALWAYS BIG TROUT ALL YEAR) this time of year requires a certain combo of key ingredients. These would be patience, stealth and distance. Be patient when stalking fish in shallow water. They are much better at hearing/seeing you then you might think. Stealth is the biggest one…Think of it as you sneaking up on a turkey or deer…Takes some slow movement and time to do it. The distance thing on the Mosquito Lagoon is a given to those of you who have been out here and who have fished it…It is very shallow and fish will be away from the boat. A goo thing to do is to practice in your yard or on the water with a target to cast to.

Sight fishing redfish this time of year I like to use either nice size live shrimp or Gulps!. Sometimes a smaller piece of mullet but it does make some more noise however is productive if placed correctly.

I look forward to seeing you out on the water applying these tactics.

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