Mosquito Lagoon – Sept 15, 2008

This weekend the winds laid down enough to be able to get into open waters and be able to do a bit of sight fishing. The area known as Georges Bar on the north end of the Mosquito Lagoon seemed to be the place to be. From the area of Middle Island towards the east and west banks are loaded with nice trout and several redfish. The trout are hitting a wide selection of baits; from top water early to popping corks with live shrimp. If you can find decent size pig fish these a re the real tickets. However piggies are starting to get rather big this time of year. Fish the outside bar drop off towards the flats. The redfish are roaming the extreme shallows in search of mullet and bait fish. I use either cut bait or live shrimp and sight fish them. Also on another note, please remember that the area known as Tiger Shoals is a “Pole and Troll” zone only. During the recent High winds the Orange Balls that mark the west line boundary must have blown away or have just been submerged. I witnessed multiple boats running these flats over the weekend and this is just not good. This area has come back so much we do not want it to be destroyed again. Please visit my site at and then go to the links section and click on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge link and visit the “fishing Regulations” link of their sight to read the rules of fishing the Mosquito Lagoon/Refuge. It explains clearly the pole and troll rules along with all the regulations to fish this area. Remember this does us all good for our future of this National Park.
Thank You
Capt. Drew Cavanaugh

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