Fishing The Tellico River In East Tennessee

Three big events happen the third week in October. The first event is the spectacular change in foliage. The leaves are usually spectacular in late October, and many visitors come to the smoky mountains to see them. The second event is the Tennessee vs. Alabama football game. The Alabama-Tennessee rivalry is one of the most storied rivalries in the country. This year it is being played in Knoxville. The third big event is the fall fishing that is in full swing.

The Tellico River rises in the westernmost mountains of North Carolina, but it flows mainly through Monroe County, Tennessee. It is a major tributary of the Little Tennessee River and the namesake of Tellico Reservoir, a reservoir created by Tellico Dam, which impounds the lower reaches of the Tellico River and the Little Tennessee River and was famous during the 1970s for the snail darter controversy.

The Tellico River is nationally recognized as a premiere trout stream. The headwaters of the Tellico River originate in the Snowbird mountains of North Carolina. A major tributary to the Little Tennessee River, the Tellico River watershed comprises 285 square miles in Cherokee County, North Carolina, and Monroe County, Tennessee. As the river flows east from Tennessee, it meanders through the Cherokee National Forest. After leaving national forest lands, the river turns northward to join the Little Tennessee River at Tellico Lake. Many scenic views are provided by cliffs, waterfalls and rapids on the river and its tributaries

Today I fished below the Tellico Dam. There were already about twenty boat trailers in the parking lot by the time I got there. About a dozen boats were drifting about in the half mile stretch below the dam and most were catching crappie and sauger. Live minnows on either plain hooks on jigs were the predominant bait. The fish were in and around the channel running through the middle of the of the river in about 20 to 25 feet of water. There’s nothing like coming home with a good string of crappie on a beautiful fall day in Tennessee, except maybe beating Alabama in football (not this year).

My string of crappie from Tellico in East Tennessee

Tellico Dam in East Tennessee

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