Womens T-shirt – Flower Print / Loose Fitting

The appeal in this shirt from dress head store is the way that it flawlessly combines two very distinct styles. On one hand, the shirt features red flowers against a white background. These flowers include green, blue, purple, and green accents and make for a very retro look. This part of the shirt would be at home in any 1960s closet, and women who love clothing inspired by that decade will love the floral design of this shirt. Additionally, the front of the shirt features a large black square with white print that reads, “Keep Calm Its Mzycym Summer” in capital letters. This modern printing design contrasts with the retro floral print, resulting in an eye-catching contemporary shirt. Thanks to the multiple colors and collaborative design elements, this flower print shirt can be worn with a variety of accessories and matching clothing pieces. The shirt’s cotton fabric makes it very breathable. With a length of 76 centimeters, the shirt is also designed to be loose.

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